Thursday, September 4, 2014


FÜRSTENBERG goes on world tour with the design exhibition "Handmade in Germany" of the Direktorenhaus Berlin. The world tour starts in St. Petersburg on 19 September before heading off to its next 15 stations such as Moscow, Hong Kong, Taipei, Abu Dhabi, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. With its unique craftsmanship and the entire Fürstenberg production site on the banks of the Weser River, FÜRSTENBERG perfectly represents the international seal of quality "Made in Germany"

"Handmade in Germany" is an exhibition of German manufacturers that will tour the world for several years. The collection will exhibit high-quality design objects and manufactured products from across all disciplines, all handcrafted in Germany.

With a great deal of passion and skilled craftsmanship, FÜRSTENBERG has reinterpreted the more than 1,000-year-old technique of crystal glass, thus transforming every object in the SOLITAIRE series into fascinating one-of-a-kind items