Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Business Opportunities To Be Offered by MACEF+

Macef will develop into a parallel digital event, becoming the most important online exhibition in the field of home, furnishing, and decor. Macef+ ( is the digital event devoted to trade operators who, by exploiting the web potentials, will be able to sign new commercial deals and extend their activities for 30 days after the end of the exhibition. 

Macef+ gives birth to the concept of "HD exhibition" which has been developed by Fiera Milano in cooperation with FieraDigitale in order to support trade operators through practical initiatives and develop business in an ever-changing market where time is getting more and more precious. Macef+ marks a new way to do business abreast of times, by exploiting the resources made available by the Web.

Through a simple procedure, buyers can get registered on, get in touch with companies, and view the detailed offers proposed by virtual stands; in turn, exhibitors enjoy the opportunity to manage their online platform, highlighting products, adding descriptions and multimedia contents, checking accesses to the stand and contacting buyers.

In this way, Macef gennaio 2013, thanks to Macef+, will remain open on the web until the end of February. The new online exhibition has been preceded by a pilot project that began in September at the end of the last Macef event and which was scheduled to end on October 31st. The project involves over one hundred companies and 500 buyers, and has allowed successfully testing the concept of online exhibition in light of its launch in January. The project is developed in partnership with Fiera Milano and FieraDigitale, the company at the basis of success.

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