Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Home Run at New York’s Winter Market!

The winter 2013 edition of the New York International Gift Fair wrapped up last week, and by all accounts - strong order-writing, more re-orders, positive feedback from retailer and exhibitors - market week was a home run! Notable trends emerged among the ample design-driven home resources to suit all tastes: mixed materials, “pretty” tech, nautical and tropical themes, Chinoiserie and new sustainable materials.

Giftware News was there. Here’s a sample of what we saw. And then read on for further exciting news about the summer show.

Artist Dlynn Roll says the inspiration for her “You Silly Bird & Friends Collection comes from people in her life. Here she is posed by Olivia the hedgehog (center bottom row) inspired by her granddaughter

Pulvermarcher Designs displays Pastel & Glittery Accessories

Rich, red lacquered pieces from J. Fleet Designs, Ltd.

Owl-themed candle holders from Chesapeake Bay

In New York Newest, Snowmee offers a clever way to present a gift card

Janna Ugone Designs are Made in America

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