Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tabletop Oct 2013: Lavish and Opulent, Dramatic and Edgy

As was evident at the recent New York Tabletop Market, tabletop is really back in full force. Traffic was very high, , showrooms packed, some spilled out into the corridors and there were long waits for the elevators.

This year is not conservative, nor cautious in design. Extensions were wide, even to frivolous accessory and add ons. Colors were bold, bright and there were many introductions. Even the most conservative companies had electric orange and bright turquoise..Turquoise in all shades was the stand out star and represented in more than 75 percent of the showrooms.

There was contrasting textures: Textile and straw mats, glass and metals on serving pieces, bamboo bowls with enamel coatings. Texture, relief and reverse relief are very strong.

Another strong trend is metallics. Everything was present, bronze, gold, platinum and silver. And sometimes there was more than one on a product.
Then there was Vintage, 50s and 60s-influenced pieces like something out of a movie set -- turquoise, avocado, or mint greens, peach to orange with graphics that many will remember.

Another trend is geometics. Tabletop patterns resemble men's classic suit materials, herringbone, chevron, tweeds. In textiles,and then used in relief on china or replicated in graphic designs on plates. And bold geometrics--Gray, black, rich browns, then off set with pinks!

And then there was tabletop with designs and patterns that brought to mind visions of Marrakesh. Metal lanterns and chandlers, rich deep vibrant purples, reds, oranges, and stylized gold art work could all be seen on table settings.

Giftware News was there as well and here’s a sample of what we saw.

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