Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shiny Creations Company Lights Up the Gift Industry

Shiny Creations Company is a new creative entity that aims to connect stores and collectors across the country with artisans and handcrafted items from near and far. Recently launched, the company offers a select number of imported items with mid-range price points but also offers higher-end items that are handmade in the Seattle area. Shiny Creations Company focuses on promoting the work of Pacific Northwest artists and gives them the opportunity to connect with buyers from the Midwest and East Coast who may not travel to the Seattle trade shows. Shiny Creations Company's flagship product lines include Galileo Thermometers, ornaments by Chris Steffens Glass, and greeting cards featuring proprietary artwork and can be seen first in April at the Museum Store Association Show in booth 644. The creative team at Shiny Creations Company is headed by Seattle artist Angie Whitney who has been working in the domestic and import wholesale gift trade industry since 2003.

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