Thursday, April 28, 2011

Giftionery Taipei: Pim

Serving tea is a traditional Chinese custom, but between the rise in Asian restaurants and hotels offering tea service, it's a ritual that seems to be gaining popularity in the United States. Pim, a Taiwan-based company, offers some of the most beautiful tea pots and cups I've ever seen.

Made of bone china, the designs for the tea pots, cups, and saucers are based on nature—cups resemble raindrops, the curve of a tea pot's spout is based on a person's smile. The line includes cups that can swivel in saucers, cups with handles and without, and tea pots with a little red hat (above). Pim also offers trays, soy sauce bottles, and salt and pepper shakers, like a cute angel and devil set.

To learn more about Pim, visit their website or email

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