Monday, June 6, 2011

Companies that Give Back: Santa Barbara Design Studio

We received more submissions than we could fit into the print edition of Giftware News for our June feature on companies that give back. Given how dedicated these companies are to supporting worthwhile causes and helping neighbors, we decided to share the rest of the submissions here on the blog.

Name of Company: Santa Barbara Design Studio

Years in Business: 35

Main Products: “Beautifully designed, high-quality giftware products that consumers are inspired to give — and want to keep,” says Gary Trumbo, president.

In what ways do you give back? “A percentage of our proceeds are donated to various cancer research charities. Also, we give 50-percent of the proceeds from Kimmidolls and/or Kimmijunior sales to benefit the Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund.”

How did you decide what to do? “This largely depends on the brand. At Santa Barbara Design Studio, we offer a wide array of giftware products. Since much of our giftware is geared toward women, it was only natural to support women’s related causes. With the news of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the coast of Japan, we felt the need to help with their aid efforts as well.”

Why is giving back important to you? “We as a company feel it is the responsibility of all Americans to give back; we are only doing our part.”

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