Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kameleon's Mascot Heads to JCK

Kameleon Jewelry has adopted a chameleon puppet as its mascot who has been appropriately dubbed "Princess Pops-a-lot" by its Facebook fans. Due to an overwhelming response and demand for more from "the Princess", the Kameleon marketing team decided to send Princess Pops-a-lot on a virtual road trip which will eventually lead her from Kameleon's home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to the JCK show in Las Vegas. 

As Princess Pops-a-lot travels from the east coast of Canada to Vegas, Kameleon will be posting travel photos from her trip on their Facebook page. Fans are required to guess the puppets location in each photo as well as identify the closest Kameleon retailer to that location. Each correct answer will give Fans an entry into a draw to win a Kameleon prize package. Princess Pops-a-lot has already posted photos from Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, and the L.L. Bean Boot in Freeport, Maine. The photos have already received an overwhelming response and attention is expected to grow as she visits more famous and some not so famous sites across the U.S..

Kameleon President Robert Smith is very excited about this "new addition" to the team, "Our line has always had an element of fun; it is something that we encourage in our marketing especially on our Facebook page. We love that Facebook allows us to interact so closely with our fans. Having the Fans suggest names for the mascot really gave them the feeling of being a part of the fun. With a name like Princess Pops-a-lot how can you not smile! She is a great addition to the Kameleon Jewelry team and we look forward to sending her on more adventures in the future!" 

Retailers can look forward to seeing, and having their photos taken with Princess Pops-a-lot and the rest of the Kameleon team at the upcoming JCK Jewelry Show.

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